A unique Swiss event about the future of the legal profession
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Swiss LegalTech Association
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About The Event

This year LegalInnovation is going digital and will be free. We will provide you with recordings of our many speakers’s presentations on a regular basis on the LegalInnovation website.

The innovation conference for Swiss law firms, in-house legal departments, lawyers and students, magistrates, judges and scholars.

LegalInnovation is a digital conference focusing on the changing conditions of the legal industry in Switzerland. Through a series of practice-oriented presentations, we aim to provide you with clear, practical and actionable advice that will help you innovate and future-proof your practice or research.

LegalInnovation is hosted by the Swiss LegalTech Association (SLTA) in cooperation with the Swiss Bar Association (SAV/FSA/SBA) and Swisslex AG.

SLTA is a neutral, nonprofit association which offers a framework for the legal services industry in Switzerland to create value together. SLTA supports the legal industry in Switzerland by providing a better understanding of the legal technology market.

2020: Online distribution of presentations.
2022: Physical event in Bern.
Publishing of the recordings as from October 2020.
Physical conference in October 2022
Conference Organizers
Christoph Küng
SLTA President
Michael Burkart
SLTA Vice-President
Nicolas Torrent
SLTA Vice-President & Co-Head Chapter Geneva
Marco Farina
CEO Logol AG
Luis Soares
SLTA Head Cooperations & Partners
Ioannis Martinis
SLTA Co-Head LegalInnovation & Co-Head Chapter Zurich
Mirco Eigenmann
co-president SLTA NextGen Chapter
Why you should attend

This is the first conference in Switzerland at which the speakers in the break-out sessions will simultaneously be multi-layered, multi-focused and multilingual, presenting high-level speeches relating to trends in the legal market in 2022. All attendees receive a headset and select their preferred presentation. Attendees can change presentations at any time and are thus totally agile in choosing the presentation and the language.

This is Switzerland’s first conference to provide clear, practical and concrete instructions for action. We are an innovation conference and not a future conference. We provide you with pragmatic approaches to how you can innovate your law firm or in-house legal departments. AI and Machine Learning are coming; the foundation for this must be laid now. We will discuss how.

In 2022, the LegalInnovation conference brings together lawyers and legal professionals from law firms and legal departments, COO’s, managing partners, LegalTech specialists, legal operations experts, representatives from universities, founders of LegalTech start-ups and representatives of well-known industry solutions. Be part of this important conference and share your view on the future of the legal profession with others.

For the time being, and until the physical conference takes place, we will provide the registrants to the event with recordings of the speeches from this year’s event as from 2020 on this website. Register now! (photo: Electrochoc numérique 2, co-organized by SLTA)

Ioannis Martinis - Swiss LegalTech Association

The physical 2022 LegalInnovation Conference will be the first multi-layered, multi-focused and multilingual conference offering clear, practical and concrete steps for action.

Multiple stages will cover different innovation and LegalTech topics in different languages simultaneously; we provide you with a headset to be able to follow along with everything. Change presentations at any time and be completely agile in choosing your preferred presentation and language. (photo: Über den sicheren Umgang mit unseren Daten, organized by SLTA)

Meet the experts and connect

SLTA is committed to our members and aims to digitally connect industry leaders and active practitioners between 2020 and 2022 to help accelerate innovation and drive development.

At the end of the first day of the 2022 LegalInnovation Conference, we will host a networking dinner where you will be able exchange ideas with colleagues and meet our keynote speakers and experts from the breakout sessions.

In between sessions technology companies will be given the opportunity to present their services and products and provide you with hands-on presentations. (photo: Information Security for Lawyers, organized by SLTA)

What can you expect at the LegalInnovation conference?

Knowledge of efficient IT infrastructures in law firms and in house legal departments

Possibilities and chances of the firm positioning and client acquisition

Reporting by law firms for law firms and by in-house legal departments for corporate lawyers

Knowledge of efficient IT infrastructures in law firms and in house legal departments

Overview of the technologies used by lawyers for process optimisation

Overview of the technologies used by lawyers for legal advice

Correct handling of new talents and GenY

Our Sponsors

We are very grateful for the support of our sponsor, who make it possible for us to offer you this first major event about the future of the legal profession. We, at the Swiss LegalTech Association, are strongly committed to modernizing the legal industry. As with all such undertakings, it will take time, dedication and many efforts.

The support shown by our sponsors allows us to raise awareness, conduct research and share information about the best practices, the available technology and how to reorganize for the digital era. It then allows us to compile this research and share it with the community.

If you would also like to become a sponsor and support the Swiss LegalTech Association’s effort to bring the legal community together, conduct research and help actors of the legal market successfully transition to the digital era, please click the link below!

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Michael Burkart
New Legal Services & Delivery Models
Marc Morant
Dominic Thalmann

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Lea Hungerbühler
Cyber risk management & rechtliche Aspekte
Melanie Koller
The Digital Evolution - The adoption of digital transformation in the legal industry
Prof. Dr. Marc K. Peter
Live Prediction of the verdicts of the Federal Court with AI
Ludwig Bull
The Lawyer's personal brand
Francesc Dominguez
Legal Design
Jlona Caduff
L'éducation juridique dans un monde en évolution - Legal education in a transformative world
Prof. Dr. Philippe Gilliéron
UK Legal Tech: Actively driving change and pushing the adoption of new ways of working
Christopher Grant
Relevance of the human factor in a digital world
Prof. Dr. iur. Bruno Mascello
Digitale Strategie in LegalTech
Prof. Dr. Rolf H. Weber
Justitia 4.0 : Etat des lieux
Dr. Jacques Bühler
Key-note: Innovation, Dominant Designs and Big Bang Disruption
Dr. Guenther Dobrauz-Saldapenna